Focus Areas

Virginia Beach Vision has identified the following seven focus areas. Each focus area is made of task teams who meet to identify key initiatives that need to be addressed and then develop statements of position that are shared with Hampton Roads’ civic leaders.

Business Development

Several cluster areas now present real opportunities for diversifying our economy which will entail the growth of new businesses. The cities’ authorization of a regional Broadband Network Authority, engineering, financing, and construction of the regional Southside network should be completed by 2022 and offers the opportunity to market HR as the East Coast Internet Hub. Dominion Power/Orsted’s test wind turbines will be operational in 2020, creating an opportunity to become a supply services hub. Likewise, Hampton Roads also could become the East Coast hub for flood mitigation technologies.

Comprehensive Plan

The city’s Comprehensive Plan comes under review every 5 years and focuses on the many and diverse elements that will shape the city over the next twenty years. Included are transportation, neighborhood protection and revitalization, land use plans, education, affordable housing, public safety, human services, sea level rise, alternative energy, broadband internet and more. Many of these areas are already under review by existing Vision task forces but their inclusion in the revised Comprehensive Plan is necessary.

Crisis Recovery

The Crisis Recovery Task Force was formed in 2020 to monitor the economic impact of the Coronavirus on the business environment and local economy; to disseminate information to the Board on business assistance grants, loans, and tools; and to advocate actions that would allow the safe reopening of the resort area businesses.

Flood Resiliency

Among the greatest challenges continuing to face the city and the region are stormwater flooding events, land subsidence and sea level rise. The options for mitigating their impacts will be multifaceted and costly. They will require risk analysis, project prioritization and, in many cases, regional collaboration and cooperation. Long term, proactive planning and implementation will influence the city’s ability to sustain its coveted AAA bond rating, its ability to sustain and grow business, and ensure public movement and safety.

Member Development

The ability of Virginia Beach Vision to identify and advocate planning necessary to sustain an economically vibrant city is rooted in the selection of business and community leaders who will actively serve on the Board of Directors and participate in issue identification, position development and community advocacy.

Resort Development:

With the tourist industry being the second largest economic engine in Virginia Beach’s economy, it is essential that Vision continue to monitor and engage in efforts to create and sustain a visitor friendly, vibrant, year-round resort area.


The Ad Hoc Sustainability Committee was formed as advisory to the Executive Committee to monitor the fiscal impact of the pandemic on Virginia Beach Vision and to consider policy and budgetary adjustments necessary to ensure the organization’s sustainability.